Stage your home to sell it fast | Refresh your home to give it new life | Organize your home to love it again



The average price cut on a listed home is 2.9% of the list price according to Zillow. On a $500,000 home, that’s $14,500. Staging will help you avoid a price cut and sell your house quicker, for a fraction of the cost of a price cut.

Home staging typically begins with a consultation, which is a walk-through of your home.

At the end of a consultation, you will have a To Do List of recommended items to complete. As the homeowner, you can decide if you would like to complete these on your own, or with further staging from A Home Revival.

Recommended items can range from changing paint colors and wallpaper, to furniture placement, to swapping in new lighting fixtures, to accessory edit suggestions, and more.

If you cannot or do not want to be involved, we can come in and transform your house from start to finish.

Example staging services:

Vacant Home Staging: homeowners have moved out and the house is empty; furniture and accessories are brought in for staging

Occupied Home Staging: homeowners still live in the house with their own furnishings; furniture placement may be changed, but mostly all furnishings are the homeowners, accessories may be brought in for staging

Consultation only: walk-through with professional stager; homeowner chooses which items on To Do List to complete and executes these items themselves



Home organizing comes in many shapes and sizes. Everyone’s lifestyles and needs are different, so we tailor our organizing to you.

Typically, home organizing starts with a consultation. This includes getting to know you, seeing your space(s), and talking about your needs and wants for the project. Measurements and pictures may be taken if needed.

You will then receive a customized plan, which may include recommended organizing products. A Home Revival will return to your home to implement your plan upon final approval.

Example organizing services:

Kids Room / Playroom

Kitchen / Pantry

Mudroom / Laundry

Home Office


The difference between staging and decorating is with the first (staging), you are looking to make your home the best it can be in order to sell it. With the latter (decorating), you are wanting to make your home the best it can be in order to love living in it yourself. Decorating encompasses anything from furniture and accessory suggestions and purchases, to furniture and accessory placement, to paint color recommendations.

Example decorating services:

Recent Move: an empty home to fill with new and currently owned furniture and accessories

Room Refresh: rearranging currently owned items and bringing in some new items for a fresh new feel

Color Consult: interior or exterior paint discussion and recommendations

Seasonal or Special Occasion Decorating: interior decorating for an upcoming party or event held at your home, using your own decor and new items as desired