For owner and founder, Kelly Zabel, this little company started out as a dream. It didn’t seem possible or practical. Family and kids are complicated. Life is busy and fast. Corporate work was good for a while, until it wasn’t working for a current phase of life. So consulting project management gave way for new beginnings - a revival of sorts - and a dream became a reality. 

For almost ten years, Kelly worked in corporate America, managing client accounts and reporting projects for an energy consulting company. She knows what it means to be a working mom and never have time to organize! Now Kelly is thrilled to organize her own home along with her client’s homes, as well as spend more time with her husband and daughter.


Houses, home decor, and order have always been my passion. I love HGTV shows. I go to open houses and look at homes on the market in my spare time. I organize for fun and want things to look beautiful. I want to bring this joy of feeling at home in your house to everyone. I want you to experience A Home Revival.